The 14 best beginner’s exercises to do at home

Did you know that training your body can improve your every days? Yes it can actually and it is not as difficult as you think, you do not need to go to the gym or do impossibly complicated exercises. Here you can read about the 14 most useful exercise to get start your training session at your own home.

1.Bodyweight squats

To practice this exercise you won’t need any equipment. The first thing you should do is to stand straight and spread your legs shoulder width apart, meanwhile lifting your arms until they reach the right angle. The second step is to bend your knees and crouch as deep as you can. That’s right, you just did half of the work. Now you should stand up and repeat 20-30 times before your first rest. The rests between exercises shouldn’t be too long, only 3 to 8 minutes. Do at least 3 sets.

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