15 Health Benefits of Green Tea

As everybody knows drinking a cup of green tea every day could have a positive effect on your health. This peculiar kind of tea is made of the plant called Camellia siensis. Its origin can be traced back to ancient China. There is a wide range of green tea types according to the8 growing conditions, processing, time of harvesting etc. So let’s see the 15 most beneficial effects of green tea.

15. Improves health condition


The leaf of Camellia siensis which we soak in hot, boiled water contains many bioactive compounds and nutrients. First of all it has flavonoids and catechins in it that act like powerful antioxidants. These substances protect your cells from damage and reduce the presence of free radicals.

14. Increased fat burning


If you’ve ever read the components of fat burning supplements you could also find green tea there. Want to know why is it so useful when you want to drop down a few kilograms? Simply because it boosts your metabolic process. The caffeine content can improve its physical condition by mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissue and use it as energy source.

13. Makes you smarter


Green tea is loaded with caffeine and this compound can do much more than keeping you awake. In addition, it can also make you more focused during your every days. Caffeine is known as a stimulant for the brain but be careful with the amount you take in to avoid its negative side effects. Caffeine acts on your brain by blocking inhibitory neurotransmitters.

12. Lower the risk of cancer


Cancer is actually caused by uncontrolled growth of cells. Oxidative damage can lead to the development of these cancer meanwhile antioxidants can have a positive effect on cell growth. Multiple observations showed that those who drink more green tea are less likely to develop cancerous cells than those who don’t.

11. Protects your brain in old age


As it was mentioned earlier, a cup of green tea can improve your brain functions but it isn’t the only good effect on your brain caused by this greenish liquid. You probably know, that Alzheimer’s disease is one of the leading neurodegenerative diseases among humans aside with Parkinson’s disease. The good news is that green tea contains many bioactive compounds that can save you from these neurodegenerative disorders.

10. No tooth decay


As researchers proved green tea contains catechin which is considered an antioxidant. This compound can protect your teeth and throat from damage caused by bacteria. It’s especially important when we talk about dental condition since bacteria produces the type of acid that can worsen condition of your teeth.

9. Lowers your motility risk


The daily consumption of green tea seems to be significantly associated with lowering the risk of death without talking about a specific cause. Even only one cup of green tea per day can lower your risk of early death by 4%. Another separated observation reports that an increase of three cups of green tea per day lowers the risk of death in any case.

8. Hyperlipidemia


I guess everybody is familiar with the bad and good cholesterol but in case you aren’t here’s what it is and how it is connected with hyperlipidemia. This is a proven fact that drinking green tea or taking green tea supplements decrease total concentration of blood. There is to type of cholesterol LDL and HDL which can carry the cholesterol in your blood.

7. Protects you from stroke


A cup of green tea is associated with lowering risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases. How can it prevent this? According to studies, a 3-6 months long green tea diet can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressures a bit. But as an additional analysis shows consuming green tea on the long-term have similar affects.

6. Bacterial and Viral protection


The tea itself contains catechins that are strong antibacterial and antiviral agents making green tea affective for treating wide range of diseases from influenza to even cancer. Researchers demonstrated that the tea really inhibits the spread of many diseases.

5. Skincare


Thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds of green tea it can apparently help to abolish the signs of skin ageing. Experiments both on humans and animals found connection between the reduction of sun damage and the frequent consumption of green tea.

4. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease protection


Mouse observation and studies demonstrate that those subjects of the research that consumed green tea were more likely to be protected from neurodegeneration of brain cells and also showed signs of restoration of the damaged cells.

3. Lowers the risk of Diabetes


Green tea helps prevent diabetes by slowing down the rise of blood sugar after eating. Diabetes is in connection with the malfunction of pancreas but it can be caused also by the extreme sugar intake. Regular tea consumption can prevent high insulin and reduce the amount of fat stored from the consumed sugar.

2. Cocktail ingredient


Yes, actually, if you are brave enough to try new things and drinks here’s good news for you. Did you know that you can use green tea as main ingredient to satisfy your cocktail mixing passion? There is a wide range of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages as Jasmine Collins, Almond Iced Tea, Green Tea and Mango Splash, Absolut Hibiscus Green Tea Cooler. Let’s take a break and enjoy its stress releasing effect.

1. Speeds up your metabolism


As most kinds of teas, green tea also have its beneficial effect on your body’s water balance. Furthermore, it can increase your liver functions but be aware of the fact that consuming too much green tea can result the complete opposite impact. So next time when you are planning to have a cup of tea think twice if you really need it.